About Lokesh Amaan


Dr. Lokesh Amaan is a certified doctor of Occupational therapy. He has a bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy from NIMS University, Jaipur. As a doctor, his motto is “Work with your passion and give your BEST”. He spends most of his time attending to his patients, to help them with their ailments. However, he has always taken time to improve his professional medical knowledge. Pharmacology and Medicine are his preferred subjects. He has an extensively comprehensive knowledge of Pharmacology. He has a strong interest in health, nutrition, and organic living. He makes a deliberate effort to read at least 2 to 3 medical, nutrition and health-related books in a couple of months. He also loves to write evidence-based medical and health articles. All contents on this blog are well researched by Dr. Lokesh Amaan. So don’t worry too much- you’re in good hands. I hope you learn something new every time you stop by. I (Dr. Lokesh Amaan) thank my Lord Bhole Nath, the One who sustains me and all things.


*Bachelor of Occupational Therapy [BOT]  - Nims University, Jaipur - 2018.
*Certificate in Community Health [CCH].
*Certificate in Food and Nutrition.

Hobbies and Interests

*Reading - I absolutely love reading. It consumes all my free time. I enjoy reading and have always been a voracious reader. Although I prefer reading medical, nutrition and health-related books.

*Learning - To succeed in modern times, you need to keep learning new and unique skills to stay ahead.

*Exercise - Aerobic exercises help me to enhance or maintain my physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Running is my favorite exercise. Everyone knows that running is a great way to get into shape, but it also can benefit almost every part of your body and boost your mood.

*Cycling - You probably already know that cycling is good for health and any exercise is better than no exercise, right?

Personal Details

Name: Lokesh Amaan
Year of Birth: 1995
Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian
Languages Known: Hindi and English
                  127306, HARYANA, INDIA