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My Name is Lokesh Amaan, and I am a occupational therapist.

Something about Dr. Lokesh Amaan

Dr. Lokesh Amaan is a certified doctor of Occupational therapy. He has a bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy from NIMS University, Jaipur. As a doctor, his motto is “Work with your passion and give your BEST”. He spends most of his time attending to his patients, to help them with their ailments. However, he has always taken time to improve his professional medical knowledge. Pharmacology and Medicine are his preferred subjects. He has an extensively comprehensive knowledge of Pharmacology. He has a strong interest in health, nutrition, and organic living. He makes a deliberate effort to read at least 2 to 3 medical, nutrition and health-related books in a couple of months. He also loves to write evidence-based medical and health articles. All contents on this blog are well researched by Dr. Lokesh Amaan. So don’t worry too much- you’re in good hands. I hope you learn something new every time you stop by. I (Dr. Lokesh Amaan) thank my Lord Bhole Nath, the One who sustains me and all things. Read more


Occupational Therapy aims to develop, maintain and restore the maximum degree of functional capacity in people.

certificate in community health

To Enhance & improve knowledge and skill in providing community health care services.


To be helpful to improve the quality of life through the common awareness of food and nutrition.


Patients want to feel that they are in good hands. A good doctor knows how to make a patient feel as though they are being cared for, that their concerns are valid, and that they are being heard.



Compassion is real sympathy for self, patients, colleagues, and co-workers irrespective of caste, class, creed or personal behavior. Professional and personal compassion sows the seeds for compassion in the workplace and throughout the world.



Doctors need to have encyclopedic medical knowledge that can be recalled at a moment’s notice. They also have to stay on top of the latest medical news and trends, which could contradict something that was learned way back in college.